88Nine Radio Milwaukee Creative Brief 

written by the Marketing Team @ Radio Milwaukee

Radio Milwaukee’s Mission:

Through music and stories created for a culturally open-minded community, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee is a catalyst for creating a better, more inclusive and engaged Milwaukee. We reach a new generation of radio listeners with an entertaining and adventurous selection of music and public affairs programming. We champion Milwaukee – our music, arts and culture, neighborhoods, and community organizations; celebrate diversity; and encourage community engagement – while promoting a positive global identity for Milwaukee.

What is the problem we are facing today?

We are seeking to grow our listening base of 18-24 year olds in Milwaukee. Currently, this group makes up approx 11% of listeners and we seek to grow our relevance with this audience.

What is the Marketing Objective?

Regain listening occasions from music streamers, 18-24.

Primary Audience:

Young music explorers (18-24) who live in Milwaukee. This group is continually expanding their playlists & open to new sounds. They typically use 3-4 devices to listen to music. They are discovering new music through word of mouth/recommendations from friends and family or streaming services, such as Spotify. They grew up in a world where digital music was available at their fingertips and may likely default to digital streaming services for music instead of radio. They are also growing into more well-educated adults who may not actively participate in financially supporting causes today, but may be likely to do so when they have the means.

What is the single minded idea we want to get across?

Radio Milwaukee can help you discover new music for your playlist

Reasons to believe:

  • Radio Milwaukee adds new music every week hand-picked by our team of DJs

  • We play genre-bending music other radio stations are not playing

  • We play Milwaukee music

  • We are a free resource for music

What is our desired outcome?

Increase 88Nine digital or radio listening occasions from music streamers, 18-24

Short Term KPIs

  • Increased followers on Spotify

  • Increased visits to our stream

What are 88Nine’s brand personality attributes?

Inclusive, Optimistic, Creative, Approachable, Lively, Down-to-earth, Pioneering, Bold, Authentic, Community-oriented    

Creative Considerations

  • You can use “88Nine Radio Milwaukee” or just “Radio Milwaukee” as our name in copy. If driving viewers to our on-air, reference “88.9FM” in messaging. If directing viewers to a digital platform - use “Radio Milwaukee”.

  • Style guide is provided, but we are open to exploring beyond our current brand font & color palette. Please do not change logo colors.



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