BOB Bubble Teas

For this project I was presented with the task of ideation and packaging of a beverage. I intended on creating something colorful, and ended up on the path of bubble tea.


This design showcases a more playful side of my craft, while successfully getting across the personality I wanted to give the product. The ideation behind the product stemmed from my initial want to create something super colorful and fun. Food and drink packaging is something that designers are able to take risks with, and this product showcases a more carefree side of my design work.


There are currently only a few bottled ready-to-drink bubble teas of any-kind on the market. None of which are vegan. This product will be the first vegan, bottled, ready-to-drink bubble tea. The purpose of the product itself it to provide a refreshing and fun drink to anyone, especially those that choose to live a vegan lifestyle.

SKILLS: research, typography, packaging design, mock-up production


Packaging Design


College Packaging





Shelf Presence

Packaging designed to stand out from competition both online and in stores. The organic elements and bright color not only represent the brand, but contrast with common themes seen in surrounding products on shelves.