Sequoia Noir

The brief for this project asked for a fully developed scent with a unique exterior package design, and accompanying advertising. My design solution drew inspiration from the Giant Sequoia Trees in California.


Sequoia Noir was developed to reflect all aspects of the tree itself. The color of the fragrance is a call back to the color of the trees themselves, while the design references back to "Noir" by utilizing stark black graphics. The packaging is developed with recycled paper while the cap of the bottle is cut from recycled wood.

SKILLS: research, typography, branding, package design, foiling, rub-down graphics


Packaging Design


College Packaging




Sequoia Noir

Product Development

For this project I actually created the product itself, not only its packaging and design. Creating the fragrance helped to inform the design decisions. The scent is designed to be light and earthy, so the packaging reflects that.