88.9 Radio Milwaukee

I had the great opportunity through my Advertising Design Class at MIAD to work with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee on a campaign to increase listenership and streaming from music listeners aged 18-24 in the Milwaukee Area.

The Marketing team stressed the importance of taking ourselves into account as part of the target audience, so that became a big influence in our campaign. We also took inspiration from the flat color illustration trend that is being used by major media companies such as Facebook and Spotify. We wanted to keep the positivity that radiates from 88Nine at the forefront of our campaign by using bold illustrations, bright colors and a group of characters in order to represent the wide variety of listeners 88Nine caters to throughout Milwaukee.​

This campaign was created by a 3 person team comprised of my peers, Tony Holz and Julien Wilks,

and myself.

SKILLS: advertising, art direction, copywriting, typography, environmental graphics, digital and print ads


Concepting, Campaign Design


88Nine Radio Milwaukee




Environmental Advertising at Summerfest 2019