Flourchild Pizza

Flourchild's mission is to spread love through every aspect of the brand. "We believe in making amazing food with heirloom flour, Wisconsin cheese, local producers, partner farms, our awesome employees + customers, and our supportive community family." This statement drove my creative direction while creating a fun-loving presence through quirky hand drawn illustrations, bold color,

and a hand rendered brand logo.

SKILLS: research, typography, branding, illustration, creative direction, package design


Restaurant Identity, Creative Direction, Retail Packaging






For consistency across this restaurant start up I created a Brand Guidelines document. The PDF outlines the background of the brand, illustrates how to use certain brand elements and what can and cannot be used.

Hand Drawn Pizza Box

Because of COVID-19 Flourchild took the opportunity to get incredibly good at online ordering and shipping. Which in turn, created a need for a box. To match the fun and playful style of the brand (and the secret style of the soon-to-be-opening restaurant) the box is covered in illustrations.

Pizza Box 3.jpg

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