Sequoia Noir

Eau De Parfum

Project Name: 

Sequoia Noir - Eau De Parfum

Purpose of Project: 

The purpose of this project is to create a fragrance, its packaging, and its advertising. The hope is to blend the name, scent, bottle design and packaging to create a unified product.


Target Audience:

This cologne is designed for a 20-30 year old male. He probably enjoys the outdoors, coffee, and travel. The modern design is tailored to the modern man.



The packaging design for this product will take into account the bottle’s shape while providing a sturdy and attractive package for it to be sold in. The typography dominant design will elevate the simple bottle shape and make it into something worthy of the bathroom counter. The bottle itself will be covered in text & graphics & the packaging will mimic the design of the bottle including silver foil.

Fragrance Notes:

30% Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Desert Sage

45% Middles Notes: Lavender, Black Tea

25% Base Notes: Teakwood, Oak

Bottle Size:

3.4 fl oz (100ml)        

More Info the Concept:

The Giant Sequoia is an endangered species of tree that can be found in California. I have absolutely loved these trees because of the character in their trunks and their extraordinary size. They are bold and confident, just what you want to feel when wearing cologne.

Style Reference, Color Palette & Type Reference:



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Milwaukee, WI, USA